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Impact at St. William’s Primary School – Norwich

17 May


The Norwich Pupil Premium Cluster Blogging Project has been running for 14 months. Sarah Shirras (Headteacher at St. William’s) explains the impact so far…

The blogging cluster has enabled us to set up class blogs across the school and for staff to have training and support both from David and from our staff involved most closely in the project. We have also benefited from working with the other schools in the cluster, learning from their practice and sharing ideas. The blogs have impacted on several areas of our work and contributed significantly to school improvement. They have improved communication with parents, particularly about the content of the curriculum as they can view photos, videos and audio recordings of the children’s work. They have given children another voice about the activities we do in school, writing their thoughts and feelings in no uncertain terms! Children are highly engaged with the blogs, choosing to write about their activities in and out of school and express their opinions about their learning. It has been great to see reluctant writers being able to write on subjects of their choice rather than those chosen by staff. The blogs have also increased connectivity across and beyond our school as children and staff read each others’.

We have lots still to do as blogging is not used as much in some classes as others. There is so much that can be achieved, but we are delighted with the impact they have had so far!

Sarah Shirras
Headteacher at St. William’s

You can view their blogs here.