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National Year 6 ClusterBlogging Writing Project

20 Nov

To date, since leaving Headship, I have relied upon schools booking me to work with them. Over the last four years, I have lost count of the times individual teachers have been in touch wanting to work with me, only to be told by SLT that writing wasn’t a priority at that moment.

Over the last few months, I have been giving this much thought, discussing the possibilities around this and today, I am launching…

The National Year 6 ClusterBlogging Writing Project.

This project has been designed specifically for Year 5/Year 6 pupils and teachers. I spent most of my 16 years in the classroom as a Year 6 teacher. For many years, I worked tirelessly on my own trying to do the very best for my pupils. Occasionally, I was lucky… if I was in a two form entry school, I had another Year 6 colleague for support. By my estimations, there are roughly 30,000 Year 6 teachers all doing the very best for their pupils with the added ever growing weight of responsibility that Year 6 unfortunately brings.

  • Imagine a world where at any point, you or your pupils could visit another Year 6 classroom in another school.
  • Imagine a world where at any point, you or your pupils could open the writing books of other Year 6 pupils in another school.
  • Imagine a world where at any point, you could communicate with another Year 6 teacher asking for support or advice.
  • Imagine a world where your pupils’ writing could be seen by 1000s of other pupils.
  • Imagine a world where your pupils’ writing was receiving feedback from other pupils in other schools who were covering exactly the same learning as yours.
  • Imagine a world where a group of your pupils could Skype another table of Year 6 pupils 250 miles away to read their draft and ask for feedback.

The National Year 6 ClusterBlogging Project is THAT world!

This first round will run for two terms starting officially in January. Included in the subscription fee will be:

  • A class blog
  • A guide on how to launch your class blog.
  • A Blogging Policy
  • A Twitter Policy
  • An online survey to track the impact of the project
  • Blogging video tutorials
  • Technical support via phone, email, Twitter & FB
  • Allocation to a Quad of other Year 6 classes/teachers within this project
  • Tasks/guidance on 3 KEY areas to help achieve greater depth in writing

All this for just £49!

Listen to Pie Corbett speak about the power of blogging in a community through QuadBlogging:

The subscription cost for the two terms from January to July is £49 per class. Please fill in the simple form below to register for the project. Once completed, you will be sent a more detailed form via email. Invoices will be emailed upon completion of the detailed 2nd form.

Any data submitted will not be shared with third parties and will be used solely for the smooth running of the project.

Here are the locations of the schools signed up so far:

Resource Partners

All blogs created will be hosted by CreativeBlogs Ltd.

Welcome to Vocabulary Ninja. they will be supporting the vocabulary strand of the ‘Greater Depth’ push of the project.

A warm welcome to The 100 Word Challenge as a resource partner for this project. Your pupils will be able to hone their writing skills with weekly prompts and receive quality comments from REAL people!