About ClusterBlogging.net


DeputyMitchell has been working tirelessly over the last three years since leaving Headship to bring blogging into as many classrooms as possible. Working closely with Pie Corbett, DeputyMitchell has developed a project for schools working in clusters aimed at:

Improving progress in writing and children’s attitudes to learning through Blogging and Web2.0 tools.

Each cluster of schools collaborates with DeputyMitchell for two years and works on:

  • A clearly identified and measurable set of outcomes agreed with all schools at the outset;
  • An Inset program of 10 days per year (in school) designed to deliver the agreed outcomes across the cluster;
  • A custom built blog platform provided by Creative Blogs Ltd as part of the project;
  • Soft and hard data tracked throughout the project allowing Project Leads to evidence impact on data, aspiration and attitudes to learning to stakeholders;

As you can see from the cluster pages on the right, DeputyMitchell is currently working with 8 clusters across the UK:

Reading, Durham, London, Wigan, Rugby, Liverpool, Reading/Bracknell and Norwich.

Want to start a cluster in your area? Get in touch.